Frequently Asked Questions of Dengshang home Oil Press machine

Q: What is the oil yield capacity for kinds of oily seeds&nuts?

A: Please check the table below for the oil extraction productivity  and  the data comes from our practical real production test environment.

Raw Oil seeds Unit (g) Oil extraction rate Oil productivity (g)
Peanut                            500                     38%-42%                               200
Black sesame                            500                      25%-38%                                165
Walnut                            500                      48%-55%                                285
Sunflower seed                            500                      38%-45%                                 170
Pumpkin seed                            500                      28%-33%                                 160
flaxseed                            500                       28%-33%                                 175
almond kernel                            500                       40%-45%                                 215

As a matter of fact, the oil yield rate result could be different under vary conditions. For example, the seeds dry or wet,volume large or tiny.usually, it is better to make seeds roasted for a while before pressing oil.and if seeds or nuts big, break it into small is better for the oil yield rate.

Q:Can i press oil from soybean or corn?

A: Yes you can! But oil yeild rate for soybean and corn are both not good, less than 20%. At present, soybean oil and corn oil are produced by chemical solvent extraction method. so if you want to press oil using soybean and corn, it is not suggested.

Moreover, olive and coconut are also not suggested for our oil extraction machine too.

Q: Why is there lots of precipitate in the oil?

A: Those precipitate is actually minor scrap of seeds.  Only physical pressing causes oil sediment. The cooking oil for sale in market is free from sediment by adding chemical solvent which is not good for your health. But anyway, these seeds scrap will not be harmful to human health at all. All the precipitate will be settled down to the bottom after a few hours. 

Q: How can i avoid aflatoxin from peanut oil?

A: First and foremost, you need to be clear in mind that aflatoxin only exists in mouldy peanuts. Before pressing peanut oil, please check if there is mouldy peanuts. you should distinguish that moldy peanuts and choose better ones for pressing

Q: Does the seeds need pre-processing such as roasting or drying?

A: No. Most of the seeds can be expelled directly without any pre-treatment.

Q: Is the oil edible directly?

A: Yes,All the sediment will be settled to bottom after standing for few hours.the oil will become clear and used for coking directly.

Q: Is there OEM service available?

A: Yes, but OEM service requires mass production.